First Navio prototypes

Today  first five Navio were born, took me almost 6 hours to solder, but it was totally worth it and I even enjoyed soldering QFN’s. There was a delay with delivery of right angle servo connectors, and first prototypes received straight headers. Some chips were tricky to solder and we had to reflow them twice, but tests were easy to perform with I2Cdetect tool.  Finally, closer to midnight we got everything working.  So what is on the board?

MS5611 barometric pressure sensor
MPU9150 (we’ll be using MPU9250 in next batches) 3-axis gyro, accelerometer and magnetometer.
ADS1115 16-bit ADC
PCA9685 PWM extender to control servos
u-blox NEO6T GPS module with raw data on SPI, we saved the only UART on raspberry for Xbee or different telemetry.
13 servo connectors
Pixhawk compatible UART, I2C and SPI connectors
RGB LED – just because we love them

We are developing libraries for the sensors and tutorials, some of them are already available. We want to create next-gen autopilot platform, and believe that Linux is the way to get there.