Navio+ shipping delayed until wednesday due to holidays

Unfortunately shipping of Navio+ is delayed until wednesday.

To provide best service to our customers we have partnered with a fulfillment company, it gives many perks but at the same time we have to cope with their own schedules and processing times. We aren’t able to just get in and ship everything to you, no matter how hard we want that. And believe us, after having everything manufactured, tested, packed  and delivered to the warehouse, being not able to send your long-awaited Navio+ to you is a terrible feeling.  Our Hong Kong Warehouse will be closed on Friday Apr 3, Monday Apr 6 & Tuesday Apr 7, for Good Friday, Easter Monday & Ching Ming Festival. After holidays are over and warehouse opens again all orders will be shipped out.

We are deeply sorry for this delay and for giving you incorrect estimates, we truly believed that everything was going to be shipped out before this holiday.