NAVIO: Visualizing Mahony AHRS

This document is not updated, please proceed to for latest version!

One of examples for Navio demonstrates the work of Mahony AHRS with the data from an onboard MPU9250 sensor. We’ve also made a simple but cool visualizer for it that you can run on your PC\Mac. Here’s the instruction how to run AHRS and visualizer:

Preparing your Mac

Install pip and use it to get required packages:

sudo pip install PyOpenGL PyOpenGL_accelerate
sudo pip install pyserial

You might be asked to install command line developer tools along the way.

On your PC\Mac

Download the archive with Navio utilities.

Extract the archive, enter the directory with 3DIMU utility and run it:

cd Navio/Utilities/3DIMU
On your Raspberry Pi

Clone Navio repository, navigate to the folder with AHRS example, compile and run it:

git clone
cd Navio/C++/Examples/AHRS
./AHRS X.X.X.X 7000

Where X.X.X.X is an ip address of your PC. 7000 is the port number used in 3DIMU.

Now try to move your Navio and check how the “brick” on the screen moves along with it.